Maybe you’re someone who has all the answers. Chances are, you’re not, and that’s why you’re here. Maybe you’re hoping to grow closer to God.  Well, truth is, we don’t have all the answers, but we know One who does: God, Creator of Heaven and Earth. Scriptures tell us that God sent Jesus, God’s only Son, so that we might enjoy a relationship with our Creator. We hope that you will join us on Sunday morning, and in ministries during the week, in our quest to know, and be known by, God.


First Baptist Church of Beaver Falls Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to magnify God, bring people to Jesus and membership in His family, develop them to Christ-like maturity, and equip them for their ministry in the church and life mission in the world. To help remember this we:

“Lift Him up, bring them in, build them up, train them for (ministry & mission) and send them out.”

  • Magnify: We celebrate God’s presence in worship.
  • Membership: We incorporate God’s family into our fellowship.
  • Maturity: We educate God’s people through discipleship.
  • Ministry: We demonstrate God’s love through service.
  • Mission: We communicate God’s Word through evangelism.